Tuesday, January 20, 2015

20/365 {little chef}


This kid cracks me up!  He just loves to be in the kitchen.  Loading the dishwasher, closing it, washing the dishes, pretending to cook, taking the pots and pans out, then putting them away.  We have a real little chef on our hands.  On Sunday morning, when Christopher was making bacon, Jordan kept putting his little frying pan on the toy kitchen burner to make it sizzle!  And he stood there, just like daddy pretending to turn his bacon!  Then he'd come back to the kitchen to see how the bacon was progressing.  This was the age when we could keep Cadie entertained in the kitchen literally for hours, while I cooked, baked, cleaned the fridge.  She would bring in her play vegetables and pretend to cut them up, sort them in bowls...it was endless fun.  Can't wait to see how long this little chef will hang around kitchen!

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