Sunday, January 11, 2015

11/365 {good reads}


Here's what on our nightstands these days.  Every week or so, the kids' books get rotated.  Mine never seem to change since I don't have a lot of time to read and I'm one of those people that can read several books at once.  My nightstand obviously doesn't include the 5 books that I am currently rotating through on my smartphone!  It's all about the mood I'm in and how I'm feeling that evening that will dictate what I reach for.  And then there are a few that I just refer to now and again for advice, solutions, or just to get my head on straight!  Cadie, on the other hand...Pinkalicious never leaves the nightstand.  Goldy Luck and the Three Panda's is currently a good belly laugh for her.  And When You Were Born In China is a recent go-to book for her when she wants to ask me questions, but doesn't know how to start.  That one always seems to find its way back to the night stand too!  Jordan's books change all the time.  He's not so much interested in the story at 17 months old, as he is just wanting to flip through the pictures really fast to get to the next book.  He's a work in progress!  I didn't include my husband's nightstand for the only reason being that he doesn't have one.  He does occasionally like to read in bed (though not nearly as much as me), but he is typically the one to do the reading with Cadie which doesn't leave him much time for himself.  But when he does find the time, it's usually something related to Geology, Caving, or Maine! Good night, sleep tight...and may what you read give you good dreams tonight!

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